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As part of the 2015 Plan update, all potential project sponsors in the region were given an opportunity to identify projects for inclusion in the plan. In order to be considered for future Department of Water Resources DWR funding, a project must first be included in the regional IRWMP. 

Project sponsors submitted 60 project applications ranging from conceptual project ideas to implementation-ready projects. Over February and March 2014, these projects were further described and evaluated to ensure DWR guideline compliance and to identify project integration opportunities.

A circuit ride of the Region to update current projects and solicit new project proposals will be conducted during fall/winter 2017. These project proposals will then be considered for inclusion in the 2017 Plan update process, and will allow project sponsors to be eligible for DWR-based funding sources.

Yuba County IRWMP_Gold Field Levee

Yuba County IRWMP_Wastewater

Yuba County IRWMP_Water

Yuba County IRWMP_SEI

AR_01_Yuba Gold Fields

BYLT_01_Yuba Land Conservation Easements

BYLT_02_Integrated Yuba Watershed Forest Fire and Fuels-5-13-14

CCSD_01_Water Improvement Project-Revised-5-7-14

MLD_01_Marysville Ring Levee Project

NYWD_01_Challenge Water Storage Tank Replacement

NYWD_02_Dobbins Oregon House Canal Imp

NYWD_03_Forbestown Ditch Imp-5.8.14 REV1

NYWD_04_Forbestown Water Storage Tank & Pipeline Replcmt

NYWD_05_New York Flat Water Transmission Main

NYWD_06_Rackerby Water Storage Tank Replacement

OPUD_01_Recycled Water Distribution System

OPUD_02_Steel Water Main Replacement

RD784_01_Acquisition of Landside Urban Levee Maintenance Corridors

RD784_02_Chestnut Pump Station Reconstruction

RD784_03_Edgewater Detention Basin

RD784_04_Pump Station 1 Reconstruction

RD784_05_Pump Station 2 Improvements

RD784_06_Pump Station 10 Improvements

RD817_01_FSRP-LAN29 Critical Repair Project

RD817_02_Dry Creek Levee Feasibility Study

RD2103_01_Bear River and Dry Creek Levee Feasibility Study

SCRCD_01_Hydrilla Eradication and Canal Lining

SYRCL_01_Daguerre Point Dam Fish Passage Improvement-5-14-14

SYRCL_02_Water Conservation Education-5-14-14

SYRCL_03_Yuba River Recreation Projects-5-14-14

SYRCL_04_Yuba Salmon Education-5-14-14

SYRCL_05_Yuba Salmon Habitat Restoration-5-14-14


WTLD_01_Citywide Storm Drain Improvement Project- 5-12-14 Revision

WTLD_02_Dry Creek Levee Improvement-4-10-14 Revision

WTLD_03_North Basin Rehab-5-12-14 Revision

WTLD_04_Reclaimed Water Feasibility Study-5-12-14 Revision

WTLD_05_Stormwater Program Management Equipment Purchase-5-12-14 Revision

WTLD_06_Wastewater Treatment Plant-5-12-14 Revision

WTLD_07_Water System Reliability Project

WTLD_08_Well System Monitoring Rehab

YC_01_Airport Drainage Improvements

YC_02_Linda Drainage Improvements

YC_03_Olivehurst Drainage Study and Improvements

YCWA_01_Groundwater Model

YCWA_02_Irrigation Water Measurement Implementation

YCWA_03_New Bullards Bar Outlet Capacity Increase

YCWA_04_North Area Irrigation Water Reuse

YCWA_05_South Yuba Canal Fish Screen

YCWA_06_Agricultural Water Conservation Evaluation

YCWA_07_Forecast Coordinated Operations

YCWA_08_Groundwater Monitoring Program

YCWA_09_Longterm Water Supply Sustainability Study

YCWA_10_Narrows Powerhouse Extension

YCWA_11_New Bullards Bar Reservoir Reoperation Manual

YCWA_12_New Colgate Powerhouse Tailwater Depression

YCWA_13_Regional Feather River Diversion Feasibility Study

YCWA_14_Regional Flood Management Agency

YCWA_15_Subsidence Monitoring

YCWA_16_Surface Water Measurement Program

YCWA_17_Yuba Accord Implementation

YCWA_18_Yuba Accord Implementation Fishery Actions

YCWA_19_Yuba County Levee