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An Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRMWP) is a comprehensive planning document that encourages development of voluntary regional strategies for management of water resources. First established with support from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) through their IRWMP program, the Yuba IRWMP was collaboratively developed by a dedicated group of stakeholders that includes agencies, municipalities, non-profits, and others. In addition to developing the planning document, Yuba IRWMP members, with significant cost-share and administrative support from Yuba Water Agency, have applied for and been awarded multiple large grants from DWR, which continue to be implemented in the lower and upper Yuba River watershed.

Although the Yuba IRWMP was initially created to meet DWR requirements and guide comprehensive planning for water resources-related efforts, it has evolved beyond this initial purpose. The Yuba IRWMP now acts as a hub for project development, fundraising technical assistance, and information sharing among entities throughout the region. The IRWMP group continues to meet quarterly. To be notified for upcoming Yuba IRWM events please join the mailing list by sending your request to JoAnna Lessard at jlessard@yubawater.org or Keri Rinne at keri.rinne@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

The Yuba IRWMP group meets quarterly. Upcoming meetings are scheduled for: November 15, 2023; February 14, 2024; and May 15, 2024. To receive information about upcoming meetings or to be notified about other IRWMP-related topics and events, please send a request to JoAnna Lessard at jlessard@yubawater.org.

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The current version of the Yuba IRWMP is available on the Plan tab, above. The IRWMP team continues to work with all Yuba IRWM stakeholders to ensure that the Plan not only reflects DWR’s IRWM program requirements but also the needs and interests of the region. The IRWMP team continues to meet with any interested stakeholders to discuss projects, priorities, and funding needs. Anyone in the region may contact the project team at jlessard@yubawater.org or keri.rinne@gmail.com for more information, to arrange for a project development meeting, or to ask any questions about the IRWM process.


During the last round of Prop 84 Implementation Grant funding in 2015, the Yuba IRWM/RWMG identified the Gold Village Comprehensive Water Sustainability Project as the focus of a funding grant application. The Gold Village Project was successfully funded for $1.2 million and is currently being implemented.


Projects that are submitted to the Yuba IRWMP may be eligible to apply for Yuba Water Agency grants or loans. Each year, Yuba Water reinvests its revenue through grants related to its mission areas of: flood risk reduction, water supply and management, watershed resilience, water education, and water conservation. If you have a project concept or funding need, prior to submitting a grant request, please contact Yuba IRWMP Team members to ensure your project is in alignment with Yuba Water’s mission, vision, and values, as well as the Yuba County Water Agency Act and Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy. It is important to note Yuba Water’s heavy preference for applications that leverage external funding, are highest priority for the applicant, and have a robust funding strategy in place.

IRWMP Team members can guide you through the application process, which includes:

  • Preparing a short form and submitting it to the IRWMP Team by emailing Keri.Rinne@gmail.com
  • Applying for multiple funding sources, as applicable
  • Completing a Yuba Water online application that responds directly to scoring criteria (criteria and templates are available online)


In 2020, the Yuba IRWM secured $15.9 million in implementation grant funds from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) for projects that increase water supply reliability, improve water storage and supply distribution systems, improve flood management, increase efficacy and efficiency of wastewater treatment, and benefit multiple disadvantaged and severely disadvantaged communities throughout the Yuba IRWMP region. These projects are currently underway and include:

  • Improving Flood Protection, led by Reclamation District 784, which involves installing new pump stations
  • Wastewater System Improvement & Energy Efficiency, led by Linda County Water District, which involves a multi-faceted wastewater facility upgrade
  • Comprehensive Drinking Water Project, a City of Wheatland project to upgrade important components of their water supply and distribution system
  • Steel Main Replacement Project, led by Olivehurst Public Utilities District, which will replace critical elements of drinking water supply lines to avoid leaks and frequent repairs
  • Water Meter Installation Project, also led by Olivehurst Public Utilities District, which will improve leak identification and repair

Fire and Drinking Water Storage Project, led by North Yuba Water District, which will repair and replace critical water storage elements for a small, upper watershed water agency


Yuba Water Agency is the fiscal agent for the $3.7 million grant allocated to the Sacramento River Funding Area (SRFA) DACI Program. This program is supporting needs assessments, technical assistance, training and water management project development in disadvantaged communities throughout the SRFA (see https://www.srfadacip.com/ for more information).

The SRFA consists of the following six IRWM regions: Upper Sacramento-McCloud, Upper Pit River Watershed, most of North Sacramento Valley, Westside (Yolo, Solano, Napa, Lake), part of Yuba County and part of American River Basin (three of these IRWMs were split into other Funding Areas). A representative from each of these IRWM regions is participating in the program, which involves outreach, engagement, and capacity-building for the Funding Area as a whole.