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  • In 2016, Department of Water Resources (DWR) updated the IRWM Guidelines, requiring that any IRWM region that wants to pursue future funding opportunities must bring its Plan into compliance with the new guidelines.
  • In 2018, the Yuba County IRWMP underwent updates to make it fully consistent with the 2016 Guidelines and to ensure eligibility of Yuba County IRWM projects for DWR Implementation Grant funding cycles.
  • The first round of IRWMP Implementation funding grant applications (via Proposition 1) were accepted by DWR in December 2019. The Yuba IRWM was split into two funding regions under Prop 1 (the Mountain County Funding Area, MCFA and the Sacramento River Funding Area, SRFA) and so was required to develop an IRWM Implementation Application for each funding area. The Yuba Water Agency was the Applicant who agreed to act as the fiscal agent on behalf of the project sponsors for each Application. Yuba Water also provided significant cost share for each Application. The Yuba MCFA Application includes one implementation project from one project sponsor in the upper county. The Yuba SRFA Application includes five implementation projects four project sponsors in the lower county. Award announcements are expected in the Spring of 2020.

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Yuba IRWMP has undergone several rounds of updates to support compliance with DWR guidelines. See the Plan tab for the most recent 2018 updated version. The team will continue to work with the Yuba IRWM stakeholders to ensure that the Yuba IRWMP not only supports implementation funding via DWR’s IRWM program but also other programs and funding sources. The Plan will continue to be updated as needed to help meet the needs of the Yuba IRWM stakeholders more broadly than only being compliant with DWR guidelines. Anyone in the region may contact the project team at [email protected] or  [email protected] for more information or to arrange for presentations to their boards or governing bodies in support of IRWMP adoption, or to ask any questions about the process or the document.


During the last round of Prop 84 Implementation Grant funding in 2015, the Yuba IRWM/RWMG identified the Gold Village Comprehensive Water Sustainability Project as the focus of a funding grant application. The Gold Village Project was successfully funded for $1.2 million and is currently being implemented.


Yuba Water Agency  agreed to be the fiscal agent for the $3.7 million grant allocated to the Sacramento River Funding Area (SRFA) DACI Program. This program is supporting needs assessments, technical assistance, training and water management project development in disadvantaged communities throughout the SRFA (see https://www.srfadacip.com/ for more information).

The SRFA consists of the following six IRWM regions: Upper Sacramento-McCloud, Upper Pit River Watershed, most of North Sacramento Valley, Westside (Yolo, Solano, Napa, Lake), part of Yuba County and part of American River Basin (three of these IRWMs were split into other Funding Areas). A representative from each of these IRWM regions participated in the creation of the successful SRFA-DACIP application to DWR for a three-year, extensive outreach, engagement, and capacity-building program for the Funding Area as a whole. Work funded under this grant supported the development of several DAC projects to be included in the SRFA Prop 1, Round 1 IRWM  Implementation Applications as well as coordination across the entire SRFA to reduce the collated project budget requests to remain within the total amount allocated to our Funding Area. These negotiations targeted ensuring that each IRWM brought their most critical and shovel ready projects to this application round and recruited significant cost share with an eye toward ensuring that each IRWM could get its most critical projects funded.