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On May 6 2015, the RWMG formally adopted the 2015 Plan update by unanimous vote.

As a result of new DWR guidelines, published in 2016, the Yuba County IRWMP is currently being updated. However, not all chapters need to be revised, as they are consistent with the 2016 guidelines. So, all of the following chapters marked with (2018 update) should be considered to have new content and thus subject to review.

Cover Page and TOC

Chapter 4. Coordination (2018 update)

Chapter 9. Flood Management (2018 update)

Chapter 10. Water and Land Use Planning (2018 update)

Chapter 11. Climate Change (2018 update)

Chapter 12. Goals, Objectives, Issues, and Conflicts (2018 update)

Chapter 13. RMS (2018 update)

Chapter 15. Finance (2018 update)

Chapter 17. Plan Performance and Monitoring (2018 update)

Chapter 19. Technical Analysis and Data Management (2018 update)

Chapter 20. Bibliography

Appendix 2-1 EJ DAC Findings Recommendations

Appendix 4-1 Inter-IRWM Coordination Reports

Appendix 5-1 Hispanic Outreach

Appendix 5-2 Tribal Outreach

Appendix 6-1 CNDDB Maps

Appendix 6-2 CNDDB List

Appendix 10-1 General Plan Relation to IRWMP

Appendix 11-1 Climate Vulnerability Checklist

Appendix 11-2 Robust Decision Support

Appendix 14-1 Completed Project Solicitation Forms

Appendix 14-2 Project Solicitation Form

Appendix 14-3 Completed Economic Feasibility Forms

Appendix 14-4 Completed Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Appendix 16-1 Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix 16-2 Notices of Intent

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