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Draft IRWMP chapters were posted sequentially beginning in January of 2014, with the final chapters posted in July 2014. Stakeholder comments on these chapters were received within 30 days of each posting. Over the summer, the chapters were revised to reflect the comments that were received.

At the September 24th RWMG meeting, all outstanding questions and edits were completed. At the October 22nd meeting (link to materials here), the RWMG approved preparation of a Public Review Draft of the IRWMP, which was posted on November 15, 2014 with a close of public review on January 15, 2015. No comments were received from the public, however several RWMG members requested minor revisions on incorrect numerical citations. The public review draft is being revised to include these small corrections and is being sent forward to DWR for compliance review. The DWR compliance review resulted in a determination that the IRWMP posted below is fully compliant with all applicable guidelines. At the May 6 RWMG meeting, the following plan was formally adopted by unanimous vote. The finally formatted plan will be re-posted at the end of May 2015. 

Cover Page and TOC

Chapter 1. Executive Summary

Chapter 2. Plan Preparation

Chapter 3. Stakeholder Involvement

Chapter 4. Coordination

Chapter 5. DAC, EJ, Tribal

Chapter 6. Region Description

Chapter 7. Water Supply

Chapter 8. Water Quality

Chapter 9. Flood Management

Chapter 10. Water and Land Use Planning

Chapter 11. Climate Change

Chapter 12. Goals, Objectives, Issues, and Conflicts

Chapter 13. RMS

Chapter 14. Project Application, Development and Review

Chapter 15. Finance

Chapter 16. Governance

Chapter 17. Plan Performance and Monitoring

Chapter 18. Impacts and Benefits

Chapter 19. Technical Analysis and Data Management

Chapter 20. Bibliography

Appendix 2-1 EJ DAC Findings Recommendations 

Appendix 4-1 Inter-IRWM Coordination Reports 

Appendix 5-1 Hispanic Outreach

Appendix 5-2 Tribal Outreach

Appendix 6-1 CNDDB Maps

Appendix 6-2 CNDDB List

Appendix 10-1 General Plan Relation to IRWMP

Appendix 11-1 Climate Vulnerability Checklist 

Appendix 11-2 Robust Decision Support

Appendix 14-1 Completed Project Solicitation Forms 

Appendix 14-2 Project Solicitation Form

Appendix 14-3 Completed Economic Feasibility Forms

Appendix 14-4 Completed Greenhouse Gas Inventories 

Appendix 16-1 Memorandum of Understanding 

Appendix 16-2 Notices of Intent 

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