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The Implementation Guide for the Yuba County IRWMP has been finalized and is available for viewing here


On May 6, 2015, the IRWMP Update was unanimously adopted by the RWMG. The document that was adopted is located here.

The document will be finalized for publication by the end of May 2015, and the project team will travel around the region (‘circuit-ride’) in support of adoption of the plan by the RWMG membership and interested parties/stakeholders from June through September 2015. Sample adoption resolution here.

Now that the RWMG members has formally adopted the plan, the agencies and organizations who have participated in Plan preparation are now able to formally adopt the Plan themselves. Stakeholder adoption both confirms the entities' concurrence with the Plan content and makes those entities eligible for future funding that is IRWM-based. Others in the region may contact the team at or via phone at 530/823-1310 to ask for electronic (i.e., CD) copies of the document, arrange for presentations to their boards or governing bodies in  support of adoption, or to ask any questions about the process or the document. 


At a meeting on April 15, members of the RWMG who had an interest in proposing projects for funding in the upcoming Prop 84 Implementation Grant funding cycle met to present their projects and identify a possible list of projects to consider for inclusion in the application. After considerable conversation the group identified a total of five projects as potentially suitable for inclusion. That list of possible projects is available here. These projects were the subject of conversation at the May 6 RWMG meeting. At this meeting the list of projects was shortened to three: the Olivehurst Distribution Line Replacement Project, the Gold Village Comprehensive Water Sustainability Project, and the Forbestown Ditch Improvement Project. The first two projects moved immediately into the application screening process while the Forbestown Ditch Improvement Project was asked to submit additional material prior to undergoing final screening. The grant application is due August 7, 2015, and will be available online upon completion. 


On April 1, 2015 the Department of Water Resources indicated that the Yuba IRWMP was “guideline compliant,” with no further edits or revisions required. This is a landmark for the document and the process, as it means that the 2015 IRWMP is now ready for adoption and that no changes are required to the document prior to adoption. The DWR comment letter is available here. It should be noted that one of two items titled “For Future Update” have also been completed for this version of the document: clarification of Plan adoption as part of the project review process (Chapter 14). Revisions to the time frame for the planning horizon is contingent on available data and will be updated over time as additional or refined future projections become available.

About the

Next Steps for the Plan
  • Project team “circuit-ride” of the region in support of Plan adoption by the RWMG member entities and other interested parties and stakeholders (May through September 2015).
  • The Plan will be reviewed at the fall 2015 (date to be determined) RWMG meeting to determine if any updates or revisions are necessary.
  • Annual Plan review meetings will occur in the fall of each year (at minimum) to evaluate the Plan outcomes and process, as well as to update the Plan with new projects or other relevant items.

Upcoming Events

  • A potential conference call for DWR Round 4 grant application. This would be a project proponent-only call to finalize various application materials. 
  • An RWMG conference call in July 2015 to confirm miscellaneous amendments to the Plan if required prior to submittal of the Round 4 application. 
  • A formal RWMG meeting for all stakeholders who have adopted the Plan will be convened in late fall of 2015 to initiate Plan implementation. The Implementation Guide can be viewed here


Coming soon.