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IRWMP Plan Content

Initial chapters for review can be found here.

The IRWMP chapters that are under development at this time are:

Chapter 1. Executive Summary

Chapter 2. Plan Development Process

Chapter 3: Stakeholder Involvement and Coordination

Chapter 4: Coordination 

Chapter 5: Disadvantaged Communities, Tribal & Environmental Justice Involvement

Chapter 6: Region Description  

Chapter 7: Water Supply

Chapter 8: Water Quality

Chapter 9: Flood Management

Chapter 10: Water and Land Use Planning

Chapter 11. Climate Change

Chapter 12: Goals, Objectives, Issues and Conflicts 

Chapter 13. Resource Management Strategies (RMS)   

Chapter 14. Project Application, Development, & Review

Chapter 15. Finance

Chapter 16. Governance 

Chapter 17. Plan Performance and Monitoring

Chapter 18. Impacts and Benefits

Chapter 19. Technical Analysis and Data Management